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Secretaría de Comercio (Secretariat of Trade)
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"Requisitos técnicos de calidad y seguridad para tubos flexibles de aluminio para el envasado de productos. Certificación" (Technical quality and safety requirements for flexible aluminium tubes for product packaging. Certification) (7 pages, in Spanish)
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Flexible aluminium tubes for product packaging
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The notified draft text establishes the technical quality and safety requirements to be met by flexible aluminium tubes for product packaging marketed in Peru. Manufacturers and importers shall ensure compliance with the established technical requirements through the certification of the aforementioned products, in accordance with the procedure established in the draft text.
The products under tariff heading NCM 7612.10 have been removed from Secretariat of Trade (SC) Resolution No. 685/2015 (G/TBT/N/ARG/166/Add.9), as they will be covered by the notified regulation.

Objectives & Rationale
Quality and safety of products
Relevant Documents

Updated and consolidated reference texts
Resolución ex SICyM N° 431/1999 (Resolution No. 431/1999 of the former Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Mining)
Resolución ex SICyM N° 799/1999 (Resolution No. 799/1999 of the former Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Mining)
Resolución ex SDCyC N° 237/2000 (Resolution No. 237/2000 of the former Secretariat for Competition and Consumer Protection (SDCyC))
Resolución ex SCT N° 197/2004 (Resolution No. 197/2004 of the former Technical Coordination Secretariat)
Resolución SC No. 685/2015 (Secretariat of Trade Resolution No. 685/2015)

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Punto Focal de la República Argentina (Focal Point of the Argentine Republic) Dirección de Políticas de Comercio Interior y Competencia (Directorate of Domestic Trade Policies and Competition) Avda. Julio A. Roca 651 Piso 4° Sector 23A (C1067ABB) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Tel.: (+54) 11 4349 4067 Email: focalotc@mecon.gob.ar Website: http://www.puntofocal.gob.ar/ Text available at: http://www.puntofocal.gov.ar/formularios/notific_arg.php https://members.wto.org/crnattachments/2018/TBT/ARG/18_3814_00_s.pdf
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