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Comisión Nacional de Alimentos, CONAL (National Food Commission)
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"Modificación del Código Alimentario Argentino - Capítulo XX "Metodología Analítica Oficial": Determinación de sodio" (Amendment to the Argentine Food Code - Chapter XX, "Official Analytical Methods": Determination of Sodium) (5 pages, in Spanish)
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Food products: Determination of sodium; General methods of tests and analysis for food products (ICS 67.050).
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Chapter XX, "Official Analytical Methods", of the Argentine Food Code is amended to include Article 1414 ter, which sets the benchmarks for determining sodium in packaged food products.

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Punto Focal de la República Argentina (Focal Point of the Argentine Republic) Dirección de Políticas de Comercio Interior y Competencia (Directorate of Domestic Trade Policies and Competition) Avda. Julio A. Roca 651 Piso 4° Sector 23A (C1067ABB) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Tel.: (+54) 11 4349 4067 Email: focalotc@mecon.gob.ar http://www.puntofocal.gov.ar/formularios/notific_arg.php http://www.puntofocal.gob.ar/ https://members.wto.org/crnattachments/2018/TBT/ARG/18_5500_00_s.pdf
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