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Department of Innovation, Sciences and Economic Development
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Canada’s Notification Authority and Enquiry Point Global Affairs Canada Technical Barriers and Regulations Division 111 Sussex Drive Ottawa, ON K1A 0G2 Canada Telephone: (343) 203-4273 Fax: (613) 943-0346 Email: enquirypoint@international.gc.ca
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Consultation — Radio Standard Specification RSS-HAC, Issue 1 (8 pages, available in English &amp; French)</p>
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Radiocommunications (ICS 33.060)</p>
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Notice is hereby given by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada that the following consultation has been published at Web site: (https://www.rabc-cccr.ca/consultations/open/).

  • RSS-HAC, Issue 1, Hearing Aid Compatibility & Volume Control,which sets out the compliance requirements for hearing aid compatibility and volume control features for specific radio apparatus.
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<p style="margin:2px !important;"><span style="font-face: Verdana;"><span lang="EN-GB" style="letter-spacing: -.1pt;">Consultation</span></span></p>
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The electronic version of the consultation document be downloaded at: https://www.rabc-cccr.ca/open-consultations/ised-radio-standards-specifications-rss-hac-issue-1-july-2018-hearing-aid-compatibility-volume-control/ (English) https://www.rabc-cccr.ca/fr/consultations-en-cours/isde-cahiers-des-charges-sur-les-normes-radioelectriques-cnr-cpa-1re-edition-juillet-2018-compatibilite-des-protheses-auditives-et-la-commande-du-volume/ (French)
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