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<p style="margin:2px !important;">SI 1258 part 4 - Protective clothing: High-visibility clothing - Test methods and requirements</p>
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Protective clothing (HS: 61, 62, 63; ICS: 13.340.10)</p>
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Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 1258 part 4, dealing with high-visibility clothing. This draft standard revision is an implementation of both the European Standard EN ISO 20471: March 2013 + A1: November 2016 and the American Standard ANSI/ISEA 107 - 2015, and allows compliance with either.
The major differences between the old version and this new revised draft standard are as follows:

  1. Modifications introduced to the adopted European standard:
    • Requires that the sleeves of type 3 clothing should be long;
    • Facilitates the requirement for the material's strength;
    • Deletes the requirement for retroflective level 2;
    • Sterns the materials ageing test and requires that the background materials must be checked at the end of all cleaning cycles, as specified by the manufacturer;
    • Adds an informative annex dealing with the connecting between the standard and the applying European Directive;
    • Adopts the 2015 amendment to the European standard.
  2. Modifications introduced to the adopted American standard:
    • Merges the American Standard ANSI 207 dealing with public safety vests (PSV) into one American Standard, ANSI 107;
    • Adds to the standards scope another type of clothing, type O, intended to be used off roads;
    • Adds adaptations for clothing intended to be worn by short people;
    • Adds new accessories, such as: gloves, hand and leg strings, head gear, etc.

The new revised standard will enter into force 6 months after publication in Israel Official Gazette.





Relevant Documents
  • Israel Mandatory Standard SI 1258 part 4 (September 2014);
  • European Standard EN ISO 20471: March 2013 + EN ISO 20471 2013/A1: November 2016;
  • American Standard ANSI/ISEA 107 - 2015.
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