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<p style="margin:2px !important;">SI 1284 part 4 - Protective gloves: Gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms - Terminology and performance requirements for chemical risks</p>
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Protective gloves</p>
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Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI 1284 part 4, dealing with protective gloves. This draft standard revision adopts both the European Standard EN ISO 374-1: November 2016 and the American Standard ANSI/ISEA 105: 2016 (in all aspects relates to dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms) and allows for compliance with either. The major differences included in the standard's Hebrew section are as follow:

  • Amends the standard's scope to apply national laws and regulations;
  • Deletes from the adopted American Standard all other products that do not relate to dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms;
  • Amends the normative references;
  • Changes the marking and labeling requirements and requires the information will be provided in Hebrew according to Israel's Consumer Protection Order (Labeling of Goods).

Both the old standard and this new revised standard will apply from publication in Israel Official Gazette for a period of 6 months. During this time product may be tested according to the old or the new revised standard.




Relevant Documents
  • Israel Mandatory Standard SI 1284 part 4 (April 2010);
  • European Standard EN ISO 374-1: November 2016;
  • American Standard ANSI/ISEA 105: 2016.
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