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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Communiqué on TS EN 1765 Rubber Hose Assemblies for Oil Suction and Discharge Services - Specification for the Assemblies Standard</p>
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This standard covers four types of characteristic hose assemblies which are used for filling and unloading in petroleum transport, including crude oil and other liquid petroleum products with an aromatic compound content of at most 50% [v / v]. These hose assemblies are not suitable for liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas. The specified hose assemblies can be used at temperatures between -20°c and 82°c. The specified hoses have hole diameters between 50 and 500; the inner thickness of the hose is smooth, rough or armored and rough. Hose assemblies used for petroleum products with an aromatic compound content greater than 50% (v / v) are outside the scope of this document; however, in the case of the manufacturer's request, the requirements may also be taken as a basis essentially for such hoses.

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<p style="margin:2px !important;">The purpose of this communiqué is to identify issues related to the implementation of revision of TS EN 1765 (December 2016) "Rubber hose assemblies for oil suction and discharge services - specification for the assemblies" Standard</p>
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  • EN 1765 Rubber hose assemblies for oil suction and discharge services - Specification for the assemblies standard 
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