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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Communiqué on TS ISO 5290 Belt Drive – Grooved Pulleys for Narrow V-Belts - Groove Profile 9N / J, 15N/ J and 25N / J (Effective System) for the Assemblies Standard</p>
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Urban and road transport</p>
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This standard covers the main characteristics of grooved pulleys (groove profile 9N / J, 15N / J and 25N / J) designed for both single and combined narrow v-belts intended for industrial power transmission drive systems.
Some basic information on effective diameter series are given in Annex A. The effective width of a groove is considered as the main dimension of the standardization of the effective system for the grooves evaluated as a whole and the corresponding narrow v-belts.

Objectives & Rationale
<p style="margin:2px !important;">The purpose of this communiqué is to identify issues related to the implementation of application of TS ISO 5290 (August 2015) "belt drive – grooved pulleys for narrow v-belts - groove profile 9N / J, 15N / J and 25N / J (effective system)" standard.</p>
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  • ISO 5290 Belt drive – grooved pulleys for narrow v-belts - groove profile 9N / J, 15N / J and 25n / J (effective system)
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