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<p style="margin:2px !important;">DUS 2074:2018, Standard test method for determination of yield stress and apparent viscosity of engine oils at low temperature, First Edition.</p>
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<p style="margin:2px !important;">Engine oils</p>
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This Draft Uganda Standard covers the test method for the measurement of the yield stress and viscosity of engine oils after cooling at controlled rates over a period exceeding 45 h to a final test temperature between –10°C and –40°C. The precision is stated for test temperatures from –40°C to –15°C. The viscosity measurements are made at a shear stress of 525 Pa over a shear rate of 0.4 s–1 to 15 s–1. The viscosity as measured at this shear stress was found to produce the best correlation between the temperature at which the viscosity reached a critical value and borderline pumping failure temperature in engines.

This test method contain two procedures: Procedure A incorporates several equipment and procedural modifications from Test Method D4684–02 that have shown to improve the precision of the test, while Procedure B is unchanged from Test Method D4684–02. Additionally, Procedure A applies to those instruments that utilize thermoelectric cooling technology or direct refrigeration technology of recent manufacture for instrument temperature control. Procedure B can use the same instruments used in Procedure A or those cooled by circulating methanol.

 Procedure A of this test method has precision stated for a yield range from less than 35 Pa to 210 Pa and apparent viscosity range from 4300 mPas to 270 000 mPas. The test procedure can determine higher yield stress and viscosity levels. This test method is applicable for unused oils, sometimes referred to as fresh oils, designed for both light duty and heavy duty engine applications. It also has been shown to be suitable for used diesel and gasoline engine oils. The applicability to petroleum products other than engine oils has not been determined.


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